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Where To Position Your SUP Fin

Ever wondered where to place your fin in the fin box on your paddle board?  Does fin position really matter? 

If your board includes a US box fin you have the advantage of being able to customize your fin placement and the performance of your board.

This provides more versatility and a more customized paddling experience.

There are three basic fin positions in which you can place the fin:

  • forward
  • middle
  • or back

Where you place the fin will depend on the type of paddling you are planning to do.


forward position sup fin

When you place the fin in the fin box, slide it forward toward the nose of the board.

This is where you will want your fin if you are doing any SUP surfing.  With the fin in the forward position the board will be easier to turn right and left and to maneuver. 


center position SUP fin

Placing the fin in the center of the fin box is the most versatile option. 

This is where you will usually want your fin placed on all-around boards when cruising on lakes, rivers or in ocean bays.

This is the best fin position for just cruising around.  With the center fin position the board will still maneuver easily yet track fairly straight.


back position SUP fin

Sliding the fin to the back of the fin box, towards the tail of the board will make your SUP harder to turn and maneuver yet it will stiffen the movement so that the board goes straighter for a longer period of time.

The back fin position can be used if you plan to do longer straight paddles from point A to B.

Experiment with the different fin positions yourself to feel the difference then customize your ride based on your needs.

To learn how to properly install your US box fin click HERE.


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