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Hero SUP Air Fusion Construction

We had no interest in making a wimpy board.  Our ISUP’s needed to be tough and strong or else we didn’t want to bother. 

Let’s face it with a name like HERO it has to be good!


We did a lot of research on how to get the best weight to stiffness to durability ratio.

All Hero SUP boards are constructed with the most advanced ISUP technology using double-layer fused military grade PVC with added reinforcement on the side rails for extra durability.

Our boards have been rigorously tested for maximum strength and reliability.


We use a special pre-lamination process that fuses the top PVC layer to the air-tight first layer and drop-stitch core. 

This pre-lamination process removes the need for using toxic glue and solvents, which can greatly affect the environment and the health of our workers.


No hand-glueing also removes the possibility of error.  Gluing errors are common with inflatable SUP's that do not yet use this process.

Without the use of glue this lamination process also creates a cleaner and more aesthetic surface.


The final result is a stronger, lighter and more durable board that we are proud to call Hero SUP.

Our boards are built to last and will take you on any adventure!


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