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How To Install The SUP Fin Into The US Fin Box

The first time installing the fin into a US fin box can be a little tricky until you know what you are doing.

However after you have done it once it will be a really quick process to install.

The fin will arrive with a screw and plate already screwed into the fin.  Follow these steps to properly secure your fin to the fin box:

1.  Unscrew the screw from the fin. 

2.  Take the little fin plate and slide it back on the track on the fin box. 

The easiest way to do this is to secure the screw into the plate lightly then hold onto the top of the screw to guide the plate into the track.

Once the plate is in the track you can unscrew the screw and put it aside.  You can place the little plate anywhere near the back end of the track.

3.  Take the fin and rotate the front of the fin base down into the track then slide the front end forward.  It can sometimes be a tight fit the first couple of times.    

Line up the hole at the top of the fin base with the hole in the screw plate.

4.  Drop the screw that you set aside into the base of the fin and thread it into the screw plate.  Twist until tight.

You can give the fin a little tug to make sure it is threaded properly and secure in the fin box.

After use we recommend removing the fin from the fin box and securing the screw and plate to the fin for storage.



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