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  • This lightweight carbon shaft paddle will take pressure off your joints and muscles as you paddle further with less effort. It is ideal for traveling as it can break down into three pieces and be conveniently stored in any SUP travel backpack.

    This is a full-carbon matte paddle with nylon blade. The shaft extends from 72” and 86” and weighs only 28.8 oz. This paddle floats when all three pieces are connected.

    A carbon shaft paddle is a nice step up from a fiberglass paddle for those who want a lighter option for more efficient use.

    The easy to use twist-lock adjustment system makes it quick and easy to adjust the paddle for different heights. (no tools required)

    This allows each person using it to adjust the paddle to the perfect height for their size.

    This Hero SUP 3-piece carbon paddle is included in each of our 2021 and 2022 ISUP packages.

    1. Adjusts from 65" - 85"
    2. reaks down to 34" (longest piece)
    3. Weighs just 816 grams / 28.8 ounces
    4. Floats
    5. Easy to adjust with Premium Twist-Lock Adjusting Mechanism

NOTE: Be sure to rinse paddle with freshwater after each use. Metal parts of paddle will rust if not rinsed thoroughly.

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